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Artist: DJ Gecko (AKA: Sticky Fingers)
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Album: Eggs
"...quirky electro funky hooks, a deep and strange cinematic space seen through a broken kaleidoscope." - Johnny Dang (Calico Radio)


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song title:
MP3: update:
Sitarded Phone Ring listen 11May07
Pop Carnival
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+listen+ 11May07
Snorkel listen 11May07
Console +listen+ 11May07
Vote or Die! +listen+ 11May07
Yesterday's Tomorrow +listen+ 11May07
Sparkatoids Theme
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listen 11May07
Buss Ride - feat. LaRai
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listen 11May07
It's Ringing Static Bells listen 11May07
Don't Eat The Flowers +listen+ 11May07
Sand Flea Racing Theme
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listen 11May07
There's Ants In My Jam! listen 11May07
Mandate listen 11May07
Cry Me A Beat +listen+ 11May07
Valentine listen 11May07
Walk Tall Drunken Stranger listen 11May07
Ice Hopper: Android Prison Break on Ice Planet 9
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+listen+ 11May07
Carny Chase Theme
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listen 11May07
Not For You listen 11May07
Valentine (Candy Kid Remix) listen 11May07
City Park Kids listen 11May07
Ice Skating Penguins on Holiday listen 11May07
A Very Merry Christmas With Dayvid listen 11May07